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August 21st, 2008


By Ellen Meister

Ellen Meister, author of the hilarious The Secret Confessions of the Applewood PTA returns with THE SMART ONE (Avon A, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers; On-Sale Date: August 5, 2008; $13.95; ISBN: 0061129623), a funny and sexy tale of love, family, and transcending the childhood identities
that mark us all.

Beverly Bloomrosen has always been the smart one, the middle sister sandwiched between Clare, the beautiful and popular older one, and Joey, the rebellious rock-star younger one. But she’s hit a bit of a slump lately. Now 35, she’s embarking on a new career as an elementary school teacher and not exactly living up to her family’s expectations (“Maybe she can work her way up and eventually teach high school. That wouldn’t be so bad,” her mother helpfully comments). Bev has moved back into her parents' home on Long Island while waiting to see if a job opportunity in Las Vegas materializes, seeing it as her chance to start afresh…but before she knows it, life back at home starts to get very interesting.

Kenny Waxman, Bev’s childhood neighbor—and the boy who almost became her high school boyfriend until she found him in bed with Joey—returns. Now a successful comedy writer in Los Angeles, he can still make her heart pound…and the attraction is still mutual.

Things take a turn for the sinister when a pregnant woman’s body is found in an industrial drum buried in the Waxmans’ backyard. As Bev and her sisters begin to unravel some mysteries of the past, some secrets of the present are revealed: Bev learns that the perfect Clare may not be as perfect as her glamorous, well-coiffed suburban life may suggest, while rebellious Joey is still attempting to exorcise some of the demons that have haunted her for years. In the end, the curse of being the smart one may just turn out to be a blessing.

This summer, discover the surprising side of suburban life in Ellen Meister’s darkly funny and vividly told sister story,THE SMART ONE.

About the Author

Ellen Meister grew up in the heartland of suburban Long Island. She spent her early career in advertising and marketing, and later worked as editor for a literary magazine and published numerous short stories. Her first novel was Secret Confessions of the Applewood PTA (Morrow/Avon, 2006). Meister lives in New York with her husband and three children. To find out more, visit her website at ellenmeister.com.

Praise for THE SMART ONE

"Wonderfully funny, irreverent and entirely unexpected. I loved it!"- Jane Green, bestselling author of The Beach House

"A perfect beach read!"- Booklist

"[The Smart One] delivers witty repartee, hilarious hijinks, plenty of action, some steamy sex, a dizzying romance, and, obviously, a murder mystery … but Meister doesn't stop there. She gives us lucid, compellingly readable yet polished prose. She gives us beautiful symbolism and even slips in clever references to a beloved classic that she's updating. And, mostly, she doesn't give us characters so much as people. People who'll drive you nuts, and people you'll fall in love with."- Susan Diplacido, author of American Cool

"If you're looking for a smart, humorous story about families, look no further. THE SMART ONE by Ellen Meister is a down-to-earth story that made me wish I had a sister of my own!"- Kay James, Romance Reader at Heart, rated "Top Pick"

"Character-driven ... fast-paced and features great dialog."- Library Journal

"Fasten your seat-belts for the wild ride in the SUV of suburbia, where a sibling rivalry predicament will require more than 4-wheel drive to get these sisters out of the pile-up."- Amy Wallen, bestselling author of MoonPies and Movie Stars



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The Girlfriends' Cyber

August 7th, 2008

HOTTER THAN HELL by Jackie Kessler

In HELL’S BELLES and THE ROAD TO HELL, Jackie Kessler brought readers into an unforgettable Underworld populated by alluring demons and sexy devils. Now Daunuan, the most irresistible incubus of all, is facing one Hell of a challenge...

So whose soul do you have to damn to get a promotion around here?

Daunuan was never the ambitious type. There's so much to love about his job just the way it is—mind-blowing sexual prowess, the power to seduce any human, excellent dental plan. But now Pan, the King of Lust, has offered to make Daun his right-hand incubus—a position other demons would give their left horn for. All he has to do is entice a soul destined for heaven into a damnable act of lust. Should take, oh, seven minutes, tops.

Then he meets his target, Virginia Reed. She’s cute. Funny. Smart. Unfathomably resistant to his charms. He can’t understand it. But Daun has centuries of seduction to his credit. He’s the best there is. Sooner or later he’ll transform this polar icecap of a female into a pool of molten desire, and every instinct tells him she’ll be worth the effort.

Meanwhile, he has to deal with a plague of rogue demons Hell-bent on taking him down, sent by an unknown enemy with a serious grudge. And one other problem: the dawning realization that he’s falling in love—that unholiest of four-letter words—with the woman he’s about to doom for all eternity...

HOTTER THAN HELL: Book 3 in the Hell on Earth series by Jackie Kessler (Kensington/Zebra Books, August 5, 2008)


"Jackie Kessler is firmly on my list of favorite authors. Hotter Than Hell is edgy and filled with hot temptation--in the form of an incubus so sexy, daring, and delicious that you'll be offering him your own soul. Fast paced and clever, Kessler's writing shines." Cheyenne McCray, New York Times bestselling author of Shadow Magic

"Kessler has outdone herself by giving readers a glorious book three of her deliciously sinful series, Hell on Earth. Daunuan's sexy supernatural antics make sparks fly, and if you're not careful you'll singe your fingers as the pages speed by. It's packed with quirky characters, a spicy, fast-paced plot and witty dialogue. Be prepared for a demonic treat that's hotter than hell."Romantic Times, 4.5 stars (top pick for August 2008)

"Sexy and bold"
Publishers Weekly

"Hotter Than Hell blew me away....Jackie Kessler writes the kind of stories that grab you by the throat and don't let you go until the last page is read."
Night Owl Romance (reviewer top pick)

"Ms. Kessler really has outdone herself this time around and has given readers a real treat with a book that is not only heartfelt and engaging but one that is also a sensuous and adventurous tale. Kessler clearly is staking her claim in the urban fantasy genre as an author that is here to stay--and we're only too glad to have her."ParaNormalRomance (staff top pick for July 2008)

"Make sure you get your hands on this book." Literary Escapism

"Jackie Kessler's new book, HOTTER THAN HELL is a definite scorcher....Ms. Kessler is truly the goddess of paranormal romance and I recommend her to everyone."Dark Angel Reviews (recommended read)

Amazon US
Amazon UK
Amazon CA
Barnes and Noble
Flights of Fantasy
Mysterious Galaxy

Jackie Kessler is the author of the Hell on Earth series, published by Kensington/Zebra Books. She has two spin-off Hell stories as well: one, “When Hell Comes Calling,” will appear in the LILITH UNBOUND anthology (Popcorn Press, 2008) edited by bestselling author Elaine Cunningham. The other story is an erotic novella, “Hell Is Where the Heart Is,” to appear in the upcoming RED HOT VALENTINE’S DAY anthology (Avon Red, January 2009). Jackie is also the co-author of BLACK & WHITE, a dystopian superhero novel about two superpowered women—once best friends, now on opposite sides of the law—who must join forces to fight the Big Bad Evil (bwahahahahaha). BLACK & WHITE will be published by Bantam Spectra in July 2009.

For more about Jackie, please visit her website: www.jackiekessler.com

The Girlfriends' Cyber

Go read what Dakota had to say ...

And then–holy friole.
I forgot all about the fact that I was harshly snubbed, cruelly rejected by Da Kess as I read because this shit was smokin’! ~ Dakota Cassidy



Amazon Link

Cellular Memory: Is it possible for our organs to retain our energy if donated to another person?

Can we really channel someone else’s tastes in music, food, or hobbies?

And what happens if you’ve had a transplant and simply CONVINCE yourself this is true?

Jess used these questions as the premise of her entertaining debut novel Driving Sideways, which tells the story of Leigh Fielding, a twenty-eight year-old kidney transplant recipient who—six years, hundreds of dialysis sessions, and a million bad poems after being diagnosed with Polycystic Kidney Disease—finally feels strong enough to pursue a few lofty goals she’s been mulling for years: find herself, her kidney donor’s family, and the mother that abandoned her over twenty years ago.

And what better way to do just that than a solitary road trip across the country? Well, maybe not entirely solitary, because Leigh suspects she may have inherited more than just an organ from her deceased donor. It’s this sneaking suspicion that takes her trip down some unexpected detours—and the juvenile delinquent who blackmails Leigh into giving her a ride is only the beginning.

Driving Sideways (Random House, May 2008) just went into its second printing and has been hailed as ‘hugely entertaining and genius’ by Marian Keyes, and “a hopeful and hilarious debut” by New York Times bestselling author Jen Lancaster.
“Smart and funny without being forced, sentimental without being maudlin, Riley’s funny, picaresque vision of America will make readers wish they could go along with Leigh on her next trip.”

“Brilliant…Jess Riley proves herself a huge new talent.”
--Kristy Kiernan, author of Catching Genius

Selected as a Target “Break-Out Book” for display June 19, 2008 – August 9, 2008
BIO: When she’s not reading or writing fiction, Jess Riley is reading or writing school grant proposals—which some would say are still pretty fictitious. Jess lives in Oshkosh, Wisconsin with her husband and their neurotic terrier. Driving Sideways is her first novel, and she’s hard at work on her next.

The Girlfriends' Cyber

June 20th, 2008

An apology

I have an apology to make and I can't begin to express how happy it makes me to do so.

funny-pictures-kitten-has-a-happy.jpgFor the people over at Dear Author calling for me to publicly apologize to "Jane Litte" aka Jennifer Gerrish Lampe for doubting her lawyer credentials, I would like to say that I DID apologize privately via email a few weeks ago and would have left it private. Now that she has gone public with her real name and her fans are calling for a public apology, I happily apologize here and now.

I was wrong to doubt her. Though she did not fit my personal picture of a lawyer based on my friends and relatives who are lawyers and how they conduct themselves, I am publicly corrected. There is, clearly, a spectacular panoply of lawyers out there I have yet to see.

Though I blog under my own name and am very easy to find, I understand there are reasons why authors and certain bloggers need to use pseudonyms online. I believe the Triskellion author's discussed all the various reasons why anonymity is important when Jennifer Lampe published their real names, home addresses and phone numbers on her website. She felt it was no big deal and yet it was a little hypocritical in one regard because she, herself, remained anonymous. I am glad to see that her convictions now match her actions. I give credit where credit is due; Mrs Lampe has done a very brave and honorable thing -- rare in the blog-o-sphere. She has put her name and career on the table and now fully owns the opinions she puts out onto the web.

I can tell you from personal experience, that it is a double edged sword, posting under your real name. My boss has been contacted, my husband's boss has been called, and my websites are under constant review by computers in Langley, Virginia. (It's a long story, pieces of which I worked into Revenge Gifts as therapy ;-) ) When you use your real name and your address is in the book, what you say in public matters a whole lot more to you and everyone around you. When a blog posts death threats and cites places and times where they plan to carry out attacks on you, as has happened to me recently, the lack of anonymity matters a whole lot more when you know they know who you are and where you live. You don’t know who or what you are really dealing with, but they know everything there is to know about YOU. It’s not a good feeling.

It is no small thing, what she has done.

I hope that she and her family are safe and well. I have been following news of the floods in Des Moines and through out that area of the country with worry and great sadness. Living in a hurricane zone and having been hit many times by disasters, I know it sucks. There was woman speaking on The Story over on NPR about her flood experiences and I thought of Mrs. Lampe as I was listening.

I wish her well and may she only have good experiences blogging in the open.

eta - closing coments on this one by request

May 1st, 2008

Getting Away is Deadly By Sara Rosett

Getting Away is Deadly  By Sara Rosett

Hardcover (Kensington Books 4/08) ISBN: 0-7582-1340-9

GETTING AWAY IS DEADLY is the third book in the mom lit mystery series about a military spouse who runs a professional organizing business.

It was the perfect vacation until murder rearranged the itinerary

With swollen feet, pregnant Ellie joins the nation’s tourists in seeing the sights in Washington D.C. But a fatal incident at the Metro station convinces Ellie that something is rotten in the capital city. Should she do the safe thing and pack her bags? Not likely when too many people are telling lies, hiding secrets, and acting suspiciously. Luckily, Ellie Avery is just the right woman to clean up the most mysterious cases of murder—even if she has to brave the most dangerous byways in the corridors of power . . .

    Reviews for Getting Away is Deadly:

Publishers Weekly: “…sparkling….”

The Mystery Gazette: “Fans of amateur sleuth mysteries will relish GETTING AWAY IS DEADLY as the tale contains a delightful whodunit that serves as a tour of Washington DC.”

    Reviews for the Mom Zone series:

Publishers Weekly: “The author, also the wife of an air force pilot, includes practical tips for organizing closets, but the novel's most valuable insight is its window into women's lives on a military base.”

Romantic Times: “Thoroughly entertaining. The author’s smooth, succinct writing style enables the plot to flow effortlessly until its captivating conclusion.” (Four stars)

Armchair Interviews: “If you like cozy mysteries that have plenty of action and lots of suspects and clues, Staying Home Is A Killer will be a fun romp through murder and mayhem.”

Kathie Hightower, military spouse and coauthor of Help! I’m a Military Spouse — I Get a Life Too!: “Rosett brings us someone just like us — a military spouse carving out her own unique life as she deals with military life, moves, and deployments. Get yourself a cup of tea and settle in for a good read!”

Getting Away is Deadly will appeal to fans of Jill Churchill,
Ayelet Waldman, Leslie Meier, and Rett MacPherson.


Sara Rosett
Born and raised in Amarillo, Texas, Sara Rosett has always loved to curl up with a good book. Her marriage to an Air Force pilot has taken her to central and southern California, Texas, Washington state, Alabama, Oklahoma, Georgia, and Maryland. Sara has worked as a credit processor, a reporter for two Air Force base newspapers, and a researcher and writer for the Citizen Ambassador Program of People to People International. Currently, Sara and her family live in Maryland where she combines full-time parenting with writing. Her work appeared in Chicken Soup for the Military Wife’s Soul, Simple Pleasures of Friendship, Simple Pleasures of the Kitchen Romantic Times Mystery Scene, Mystery Readers Journal, The Writer, and Georgia Magazine. Please visit her website, www.sararosett.com.

Website: http://www.SaraRosett.com
Blog: http://www.RosettWrites.Bravejournal.com
Second Blog: http://www.good-girls-kill.com
Link to Amazon page http://www.amazon.com/Getting-Away-Deadly-Mystery-Mysteries/dp/0758213409/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1207403986&sr=8-1

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